at engine infinity

Our Mission

is to revolutionize the gaming industy through blockchain technology.
Empower gamers worldwide by providing better gaming experiences and environment
where skilled gamers can earn and pursue a career in the gaming industry.

The problem

The current state of blockchain games leaves much to be desired, with poor gameplay and poorly designed tokenomics that result in quick inflation and loss of value, which is not sustainable for the players to pursue a career from it!

Our Solution

We believe that every gamer deserves a fair chance to make a living through their skills and passion for gaming. That's why we're committed to fixing these challenges through our well-designed ecosystem that prioritizes fairness for all gamers using The Challenge-To-Earn module.

$EIO Value

$EIO serves as the core currency in the Engine Infinity ecosystem, utilized across all of our products and offerings, which will drive it value from multiple utilities within our ecosystem. The "Challenge to Earn" module will drive significant demand for $EIO, further adding to its value.

Quick look!


Where players will use our token $EIO to get NFT eggs Stake it to get rewards
then hatch it to get Monsters, Warriors and Magic NFT game cards.

primary speciality


Airdrop to our testnet users guaranteed!

We will issue rewards as a token of appreciation to our community for their support and help, especially to our testnet users for helping us battle test our ecosystem and providing feedback. The rewards will be combined of random NFTs + tokens.

secondary speciality


Our fundraising Presale is live Now!

Our initial stage will be backed by early rounds of investment to kickstart the project. However, our ecosystem is designed in a way to ensure long-term funding without the need for token sales. Our products are designed to generate consistent net profit, providing a sustainable funding model for the future.

Intrested in Engine Infinity?

Start your research by reading our whitepaper and understand how our ecosystem works!
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us or join our communities.