1. Definitions

Engine Infinity Do not collect any direct data from our website visitors, we may collect non-identifying information from third party providers such web forms to offer our users better experiences! using our produtcs.

2. General Terms

Service Provided AS IS

The Service provided for free during our pilot project, and is provided “as is” with no warranty. Conclude will provide User support for the Service, however; Conclude is not committed to any level of service or availability of the Service. A further description of the Service and our user support is available at the Site.

The Services Prodived by Our Team

Engine Infinity as a Web3 Software Builders will provide software engineering services as freelancing offers!

3. Rules of Use

  1. None of the information provided by Engine Infinity or its team is Financial Advice.
  2. Engine Infinity is Not responsible for any User Data and all activity in their account while using the Service.
  3. User must use the Service only in accordance with Conclude’s online user guide and all applicable laws and regulations.
  4. Engine Infinity Team will Never ask you for your private keys, passowrds or any sensitive information.
You must not
  • You must Not Share you private keys with anyone.
5. Enjoy our Games

Engine Infinity wishes you a fun time playing our games!