$EIO token

What is $EIO token, and what gives it value?

$EIO serves as the core currency in the Engine Infinity ecosystem, utilized across all of our products and offerings which will drive it value from multiple utilities within our ecosystem. The "Challenge to Earn" module will drive significant demand for $EIO, further adding to its value.

Some of $EIO Utilities

Our Products

Infinity Gods

Our first game, currently in development soon to be launched! a Challenge-To-Earn NFT card game with maps that will be part of our Metaverse lands.

Engine City Battle Royale

Our main game, a full AAA battle royale game hosted in Engine City Metaverse. More information will be shared after the launch of Infinity Gods.

NFT Marketplace

All items in our games and Metaverse can only be bought with $EIO. 50% of the sales revenue will be burned and taken out of circulation, while the other 50% will be used as explained in the profit recycling section in the Whitepaper.

Engine City Metaverse

The Engine City Metaverse will host the maps of our games and offer profitable NFT lands where it value and profit will increase as more players play on em. All NFTs are tradable using $EIO with a small fees that will burn more $EIO.



Max Supply 100,000,000 | Circulation 91% | Tax 0%

Educational Video

Video tutorial on How to buy $EIO token!

In this video will teach you how to use MetaMask wallet and secure it. Then we'll show you how to interact with any decentralized exchanges to buy any token you'd like including our Token $EIO.

Build On

Technologies used

500 Limited Spots!

VIP Shareholder NFTs

The privileged VIP shareholders receive a direct share of the profits generated by our products.
This exclusive offer is restricted to only 500 VIPs, divided into three levels Bronze, Silver, and Gold.
We'll be giving 15 VIP NFTs for FREE! to our early investors as a token of appreciation for their support.

VIP Bronze

VIP Bronze

250 NFT

VIP Silver

VIP Silver

150 NFT

VIP Gold

VIP Gold

100 NFT


$EIO Presale is Live Now!

Visite the Presale page to participate!
If you're interested we'd like to invite you to join our communities to stay tuned and up to date.
$EIO Presale

Intrested in Engine Infinity?

Start your research by reading our whitepaper and understand how our ecosystem works!
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us or join our communities.